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Aedes mosquitoes breeding in the dirt: Professor Dr. Abdullah

Shahin Khandaker

Published: 13:51, 22 June 2023

Update: 13:55, 22 June 2023

Aedes mosquitoes breeding in the dirt: Professor Dr. Abdullah

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Now the Aedes mosquito, which carries the virus of dengue, not only grows in clean water but also grows in dirty sewage and slum areas. Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina's personal physician Dr ABM Abdullah said the Aedes mosquito, which carries the dengue virus, breeds from garbage to saltwater. Aedes mosquitoes' reproductive cycle has changed.

Dr. Abdullah said not only that, the glittering city of the night has changed the character of the Aedes mosquito. "Aedes are two species of mosquitoes. One is Albopictus, the other is Aedes aegypti. Aedes aegypti is the main carrier of dengue. Emeritus Professor. ABM Abdullah also said that this mosquito is grown not only in Bangladesh but in almost all the cities of the warm and humid countries of the world. Aedes mosquitoes lay eggs in the rainwater of unused containers or bottles and in the stagnant water of broken containers scattered around the houses in the city.

Last year, a study was initiated to examine the idea that the Aedes mosquito exclusively attacks people during the day, and entomologists started this study.  However, compared to the previous year, the dengue season has arrived in the city, including Chittagong, in terrible shape before the season begins.

He said that the number of patients is increasing in the city. The situation usually gets worse in July. But, it is not appropriate to comment on how it will be this time. Because the Ministry of Health, Health Department, City Corporation and other concerned authorities are already working. However, people should also be aware that dengue can be prevented.

Pediatrician at Children's Hospital. Prabir Kumar Sarkar said, "This time the rate of infection of children is high. And the complications of patients infected for the second time are also increasing. The number of people admitted with shock syndrome is also increasing. Till June in last year, the number of dengue patients was over a thousand. This time, breaking all records, the number of patients reached 4,339 (till June 20) before the end of June. At the same time, 36 people have died across the country. 

According to the Directorate General of Health Services (DGHS) data, 447 dengue patients were admitted to Dhaka Medical College Hospital (DMCH) as of June 20.  Of them, 341 have returned home after recovery and 100 are admitted. And 6 people have died.

518 people were admitted to SSMC and Midrford Hospital.  420 people have recovered and returned home.  And 94 people are admitted, and 4 people have died. A total of 67 patients were admitted to Bangladesh Shishu Hospital and Institute.  Fifty-one people have recovered and returned home.  Currently, 16 people are admitted.

104 people were admitted to Shaheed Suhrawardy Medical College Hospital.  Eighty-two people have recovered and returned home. And 21 people are still admitted.  And one person died. Of the 29 people admitted to BSMMU, 26 have returned home.  Three people are still admitted. Of the 59 people admitted to Rajarbagh Police Hospital, 31 have returned home.  Currently, 28 people are admitted.

Meanwhile, 98 dengue patients were admitted to Mugda Medical Hospital.  Of the total 1,444 people admitted, 1,149 have returned home with medical care.  And 8 people died.

More than three times as many people have been treated for dengue this year. All past records have also been broken. As of June last year, there was only one death. And 36 people died this year. Hospitals are crowded with patients. The number of children among the victims is high.

Specialist doctors say that this time the number of dengue patients is more. Most of the patients are admitted with various problems. The patient’s blood pressure is dropping. Many people are also admitted with diarrhea. Specialist doctors also said that due to various complications, dengue patients and deaths increased a lot in June. 

Doctors believe Doctors think that Eid and the rains of the summer season are on the way.  Therefore, there is a fear that dengue may spread across the country.