23 May 2024

Elevate yourself as a graphic designer and illustrator artist

Mazharul Islam Mitchel

Published: 04:10, 20 February 2024

Elevate yourself as a graphic designer and illustrator artist

Graphic designer is one of the exceptional career opportunities available today outside of conventional education. In addition to jobs, as an entrepreneur, there are opportunities in social service by creating business and employment, as well as by earning foreign currency, it is also possible to play a direct role in the country's economy. So those who are interested in drawing and designing are now turning to this course to make themselves a graphic designer. Daily Prothom Alo graphic designer Mahbub Hasan Khan talks about various topics including how to progress in becoming a professional by studying in this sector, how to do well in studies and its opportunities and possibilities in the market.


Mr. Mahbub Hasan Khan was born in Tangail town. He completed secondary and higher secondary in the school and college there and got admission in Khulna Art College, Khulna. After completing his BFA (Bachelor of Fine Arts) degree in Painting, he achieved his MFA (Masters of Fine Arts) degree in Graphic Design from University of Development Alternative (UDA), Dhaka. Having been interested in design and illustration, he has been teaching in this subject for the past 10 years. He has special interest in event management. After leaving the teaching profession, he started working in Bangla Dainik Patrika Prothom Alo (Bengali Newspaper the Daily Prorhom Alo) from March 2014 till now. Here various works of design and illustration made him happy and enriched. Mr. Mahbub Hasan Khan spoke about these issues.


Due to my special interest in painting I got admission in Khulna Art College in 1992 after passing higher secondary examination. Those days of youth were very delightful. I got close to artist S.M. Sultan in 1993. Artist S.M. Sultan was an artist of international standard. He came to Khulna Art College to conduct drawing workshops. He was a very ordinary person. It was very fortunate to be in the touch of such a talented person. I learned a lot about drawing and illustration from artist S.M. Sultan in the drawing workshop.


You studied drawing and illustration and graphic design. You have worked in the first rows of national dailies of the country. How much have you been able to present yourself socially through this work?


Daily newspaper work is challenging every day. Always we have to do something new. There are opportunities of work in various fields. Prothom Alo organizes various events throughout the year. The benefits of working with events reflect creative thinking on a variety of topics and have a great social impact.


You have skills in oil paint, watercolor, sculpture, but is it possible for you to use these works socially in the context of Bangladesh?


Definitely possible. I think an artist is an institution. Artists can change society. It is possible to create a beautiful position of the society through oil paint, water color and sculpture.


New software technologies are constantly coming in the field of graphic design. These works are becoming modern and smart very fast. How are you adapting to those works?


It is very interesting and challenging matter. We are constantly going from modern to ultra modern. So new technology is making us more modern. In tune with the world we are moving forward, our country is moving forward as well. We are being able to master modern software technology very easily.


In our country the concept of graphic design is very narrow. In terms of using it on a larger scale, is a wide range of work being made in our country?


Definitely it is being made. Design is widely used in the workplace. Hence the demand for graphic design is being created in the field of work.


How long have you been using Photoshop, Illustrator software? How much time does it take to learn how to fully use it?


I have been using Photoshop and Illustrator software for about 20 years. I am learning new things little by little every day.

Artists have a huge career in the advertising sector. But are there promising income opportunities?


Graphic design is in great demand at home and abroad. And from here it is possible to earn as expected.


Apart from Satrong, Ray Communication, Mind Map, BD Five, you are doing their works on call in several important organizations. What is the scope of graphic design work in these places?


There are many job opportunities outside the job in graphic design and illustration. Apart from self-employed, these jobs are done on call based on personal connection.


Prothom Alo is one of the most important newspapers in Bengali language. How much freedom is there to exercise creativity at work?


Prothom Alo is a very large newspaper Institution. I am fortunate to be associated with this Institution. There are many types of work here. There are many opportunities for aesthetics and creativity. Prothom Alo believes in constant change. So it always gives the graphic designer full freedom to practice for making something new and to innovate something new.


How much has your confidence increased through the things you are doing and learning in Bangladesh? Do you think this skill and confidence will be of any use outside Bangladesh?


I hope that I can use my education and work skills outside the country just as they are useful in the country.


What is your future plan?


To elevate myself as a graphic designer and illustration artist. In terms of that, to teach students something more modern about graphic design and illustration.