23 May 2024

Iqbal Ahmed: An Architect of Bangladesh’s Software Revolution

Mazharul Islam Mitchel

Published: 10:25, 23 April 2024

Update: 16:26, 26 April 2024

Iqbal Ahmed: An Architect of Bangladesh’s Software Revolution

Iqbal Ahmed Fakhrul Hasan, well known in the field of information technology as 'Divine Russell'. He is the founder of Divine IT Limited, the country's leading software development company, and PrismERP, the country's first web-based ERP - Prism ERP.


He is a computer science graduate. Since the beginning of his studies in 1996, he has been familiarizing himself with new technologies and has been involved in managing computer hardware, internet services, and consulting businesses. He has successfully automated large government and private organizations in the country with his own coded software.


Over the past 20 years, Divine IT has been managing businesses with customer satisfaction and success through advanced technology and innovation. PrismERP is a flagship product of Divine IT Limited. Divine IT Limited is a software company certified with CMMI Level 3 and ISO’s


In addition to his remarkable success, Divine IT has received several awards in the IT sector, including the National Productivity Awards 2015, 2018, APTICA international Award 2017, and WITSA Global Excellence ICT Award 2020, and the Daily Star ICT Awards 2022 for 'ICT Solution Provider of the Year (Local Market).


As a major software development company in the country, Divine IT was awarded the status of 'Private Software Technology Park' by the Bangladesh government in 2018. Since 2005, the company has been working both locally and internationally. Currently, the company has 9 copyright products.


PrismERP by Divine IT is Bangladesh's first ERP software capable of managing and automating more than 40 types of business sectors. More than 400 businesses in Bangladesh are using PrismERP for their daily business management. In international ERP solution competitions, PrismERP is a reliable and popular brand among domestic and foreign companies.


Without any external funding, over the past 20 years, Iqbal Ahmed has tirelessly worked in the IT industry, overcoming various challenges, and strengthening his company.


Iqbal Ahmed Fakhrul Hasan is a candidate in the upcoming election of the Bangladesh Association of Software and Information Services (BASIS) for the term 2024-2026.

He has shared his plans for the formation of a Smart Bangladesh, the development of the local software industry, and the acquisition of significant amounts of government procurement.


Iqbal Ahmed states that due to systematic management of the company and process-driven approaches, he has decided to participate in the BASIS election to work for the advancement of the industry. He added “throughout my long career, I have faced and solved various problems and challenges as a software and IT entrepreneur. I believe these solutions are very common for other members of our industry as well. These solutions can save time and money, as well as overcome failures. With this hope and belief, I am participating in this year's BASIS election. I know and understand this industry well. I believe that with the necessary planning and initiatives, I will be able to solve these complex problems and challenges for the development of our industry.”


He also added that I have contributed to BASIS as an entrepreneur from the beginning of my journey as a software entrepreneur. In the past, I have worked for BASIS and the industry as a member of various committees and sub-committees, including Access to Finance, HR Development, Communication Solutions, Local Market Development, and Advisory Standing Committees. Outside of BASIS, I regularly provide advice and assistance in sustaining IT businesses, company infrastructure, long-term business planning, compliance, bank investment, and auditing software on an intellectual property basis.


In the field of software and service exports, Bangladesh is now exporting software and services to more than 80 countries worldwide, including the United States, the United Kingdom, the European Union, and Canada. There are plans to establish export desks in many new countries to achieve further export targets.


He thinks there are lots of places in BASIS's secretariat that still need to be improved. BASIS is not having its own space. So his initiative will be to establish BASIS's own space by 2026, where it can be possible to make BITM training more effective.


He dreams boldly of a future where Bangladesh leads the world in IT innovation, where our own talents fuel the engine of progress. With a vision to diminish reliance on foreign IT services, he wants to nurture homegrown industry growth, igniting a transformative journey towards our nation's prosperity and advancement.