23 May 2024

We will work together to achieve smart Bangladesh: Liakat

Mazharul Islam Mitchel

Published: 18:32, 5 May 2024

We will work together to achieve smart Bangladesh: Liakat


In order to implement the vision of Smart Bangladesh and achieve the target revenue of $5 billion from the ICT sector by the year 2025, all the stakeholders in the ICT industry should work together. Each trade organization has a unique and important role to play in building Smart Bangladesh. If we want to prepare a modern, smart Bangladesh for future generations, then we need to connect all the dots and create a line of success.  This is how successful technology entrepreneur, Liakat Hossain, CEO of Babylon Resources Limited, said his plans with The Daily Business Eye.
Tech personality Liakat Hossain has been in the ICT industry for many years and has served in different positions on several prestigious committees, including the Basis President Advisory Standing Committee, Standing Committee on HR Development, and BASIS Standing Committee on Start-up. He is also a member of Bangladesh Awami League's National Election Management IT Sub-Committee, General Secretary of Amrai Digital Bangladesh Foundation, Part-time Senior Faculty of Oracle University.
In-depth discussions have arisen regarding various aspects of the country's current software industry situation, along with the upcoming BASIS elections. Some excerpts from the discussion are presented here for the readers.
Question: What is the current state of the country's software industry?
Liakat Hossain:  I would like to address this by saying that our country's people are talented. Our youth are excelling in information technology. We have government support, and our infrastructure is somewhat ready. However, institutionally, we have not yet reached an adequate level of professionalism. There are still issues of understanding between customers and suppliers in terms of providing software services. Locally prepared software faces weaknesses in local promotion and encouragement of customers. Even those who are doing well or providing services in the global market face various problems.  However, there are sufficient opportunities for improvement.

Question: It has been said both publicly and privately that by 2025, our ICT sector will generate revenue of $5 billion. Is this possible?
Liakat Hossain: See, if we go ahead with the right plan, it's a little difficult to implement but not impossible.It is possible to achieve this goal by creating skilled human resources, increasing branding in the international market, forming efficient sales and marketing teams for the international market along with software professionals, and increasing access to finance for the newcomers. 
The government is giving special importance to this sector. Currently the export revenue is less than 2 billion. Our dream is to increase it to 5 billion by 2025. And working with a goal boosts motivation.
Question: If you win the election, what kind of changes do you want to bring to BASIS? 
Liakat Hossain: My aim is to strengthen local markets, reform public procurement policies, integrate sustainable practices and technologies. Besides this I personally believe in teamwork. If the members give me the opportunity to work for the welfare of the organization by giving valuable votes, then I will try to build own place for BASIS somewhere around Dhaka. Will work to launch welfare fund for 
BASIS members. And I will create the employee database of the members.
Question: If you are not elected, what will you do?
Liakat Hossain: See, even without being on the management committee last term, I have worked on various aspects of industry development. This has been done out of love and responsibility for the industry. It is not only possible to work for the industry by being on the executive committee. There are many things that can be done from outside. It takes a beautiful mindset to work for the development of the industry. I will definitely do my best if those who are elected give me the opportunity to work.