13 July 2024

Removing ’Sharifa’s Tale’ not a solution: NHRC chairman

Mazharul Islam Mitchel

Published: 21:58, 9 July 2024

Update: 21:59, 9 July 2024

Removing ’Sharifa’s Tale’ not a solution: NHRC chairman

National Human Rights Commission chairperson Dr Kamal Uddin Ahmed today said the commission disagrees with the government decision to remove "Sharifa's Tale" from textbooks.

He said this at a meeting at the NHRC headquarters in the capital.

"This step [to remove the story "Sharifa's Tale" from textbooks] cannot be perceived as a solution. While this action is repressing the issue, it will arise again in the future for natural reasons," he added.

"Therefore, the NHRC finds it logical to disagree with this decision," said Dr Kamal.

Sharifa's story is about a woman ostracised by her family and society. The story highlights the hardships of the "third gender" community, as referred to in the textbook, and the formation of supportive bonds within it.

"We need to change our discriminatory attitudes towards them. Including these topics in our textbooks will help create positive awareness about these communities," Dr Kamal also said.

Speaking to the Business Eye, the NHRC chief said, "We need to understand that these people have constitutionally guaranteed rights."

At the meeting, DMP Commissioner Habibur Rahman, said, "People have conceptual limitations about these communities. Incorporating such topics into the curriculum of training institutes will be beneficial."