14 June 2024

All fishing boats, trawlers asked to approach coast as Cyclone Remal brews in Bay

Mazharul Islam Mitchel

Published: 18:12, 23 May 2024

Update: 18:12, 23 May 2024

All fishing boats, trawlers asked to approach coast as Cyclone Remal brews in Bay

All fishing boats and trawlers in the northern Bay of Bengal and the deep sea were instructed to return to the coast and avoid venturing into the deep sea until further notice.

The low-pressure area over the southwestern Bay of Bengal has intensified into a well-marked low-pressure area and is likely to develop further into a cyclonic storm, said a notice by the Bangladesh Meteorological Department (BMD) today (23 May). 

Yesterday, the BMD forecast a low-pressure system forming over the bay intensifying into "Cyclone Remal".

Mostofa Kamal Palash, a PhD researcher in meteorology and climate, said, "Cyclone Remal's centre will likely make direct landfall over the Barishal division, with its left side over the Khulna division and right side over the Chattogram division. 

This forecast aligns with the prediction made by The Indian Meteorological Department (IMD). 

Palash told the Business Eye that three days ago he predicted, Cyclone Remal would directly hit the Bangladesh coast on 26 May. IMD's forecast matches his earlier prediction regarding the cyclone's wind speed and trajectory.

"The eye of the cyclone may pass over Barguna, Patuakhali, and Bhola districts. Average sustained wind speed during landfall may range from 100 to 120 km/hour, with wind gusting up to 140 km per hour. Coastal areas of the Barishal division may witness storm surges ranging from 5 to 10 feet above normal. 

"Areas of Barishal division may receive between 400 to 600 millimeters of rain from 26 May to 27 May, while Khulna and Chattogram divisional districts may receive between 300 to 400 millimeters of rainfall. Dhaka divisional districts may receive between 250 to 350 millimeters of rain", he added.

Meanwhile, the District Disaster Management Committee in Satkhira announced that all government officials and employees in the district would have their leaves canceled for Friday and Saturday to ensure safety in preparation of the upcoming cyclone.

During a meeting at the deputy commissioner's conference room, Zulfikar Ali, the acting officer of the Satkhira Meteorological Department, said a low-pressure area has formed over the Bay of Bengal and is gradually intensifying. 

"It may develop into a cyclonic storm, with heavy rainfall expected after 25 May. More information about the cyclone's trajectory will be available once it forms."