23 May 2024

BASIS Executive Council Election 2024-26 held

Mazharul Islam Mitchel

Published: 20:43, 8 May 2024

Update: 20:43, 8 May 2024

BASIS Executive Council Election 2024-26 held


Executive Council Election for the term 2024-2026 of the Bangladesh Association of Software and Information Services (BASIS), the national trade organization of the country's ICT sector, was completed in a joyful and participatory manner.

The BASIS Election Board announced the results after the polling at Bangladesh Shooting Sports Federation, Gulshan in the capital. 

The eight winners in the general category of the election are Md. Mostafizur Rahaman Sohel, Advanced ERP (BD) Ltd. (405), M Rashidul Hasan, Systech Digital Limited (388), Mir Shahrukh Islam, Bondstein Technologies Limited (367), Dr. Muhammad Risalat Siddique, Analyzen Bangladesh Limited (357), Russell T. Ahmed, Team Creative (355), M Asif Rahman, A. R. Communications (349), Iqbal Ahmed Fakhrul Hasan, Divine IT Limited (341) and Didarul Alam, Shooting Star Limited (325).  

Winners in Associate and Affiliate categories are respectively Syed Abdullah Jayed, M/s. Finalytics (123) and Biplob Ghosh Rahul, Carnival Assure Limited (48).

Syed Mohammad Kamal, MasterCard Singapore Holding Pte. Ltd. and Abu Muhammad Rashed Mujib Noman, Country Director of Augmedix BD Ltd. Bangladesh, got equal 3 votes in International category. Later Syed Mohammad Kamal won through lottery.

According to the election schedule, the positions of the executive council members for the term 2024-2026 of BASIS will be distributed on May 9 in the primary and May 11 in the final.

In this election 33 candidates contested in three panels named 'Team Smart', 'One Team' and 'Team Success'. Of the 11-member Executive Committee, 'One Team' won 8 positions in general, associate and affiliate categories. 'Team Smart' led by Md. Mostafizur Rahaman Sohel won 3 positions.

Out of 1,464 voters, 1,157 voted in this year's BASIS election. Among them 781 out of 932 voters voted in General category, 250 out of 389 voters voted in Associate category, 118 out of 134 voters voted in Affiliate category and 8 out of 9 voters voted in International category.

Of the 11-member Executive Committee, 24 candidates contested for 8 posts in the General Member category, three candidates for one post in the Associate Member category, three candidates for one post in the Affiliate Member category and three candidates for one post in the International category.

TIM Nurul Kabir, Chairman of BASIS Election Board, and BASIS Election Board members Syed Mamnun Quader and Nazim Farhan Choudhury were present during the election. However, at this time, A Tauhid, Chairman of the BASIS Appeal Board, and and Nazneen Kamal, BASIS Appeal Board, were also present.