15 April 2024

Bailey Road fire: Building didn’t have permission for restaurants, says Rajuk

Published: 22:08, 1 March 2024

Bailey Road fire: Building didn’t have permission for restaurants, says Rajuk


The commercial building housing multiple restaurants at the Bailey Road, where 46 people were killed in a tragic fire, did not have permission to set up restaurants, officials of the Rajdhani Unnayan Kartripakkha (RAJUK) said today (1 March).

The building, Green Cozy Cottage, had permission for office use, not for restaurants and eateries, RAJUK's Chief Town Planner Ashraful Islam told The Business Standard over the phone in the evening.

The six-storey building housed eight restaurants, along with a juice bar and a tea coffee shop. There were also retail outlets for mobile phones, electronic equipment, and clothing.

Md Ashraful Islam, "Hamida Khatun Gong and Amin Mohammad Group took the approval for the building on 7.5 katha of land. The structure has approval for a seven-storey commercial building.

"However, it is not designated for restaurants, showrooms, or any other similar ventures; but for office use."

He added, "The building got its approval with only one staircase. It is not categorised as a multi-storey structure as it is not more than 10 stories."

"They are utilising spaces on each floor as restaurants with the expectation of higher profits. It is a violation of the law. 

"However, according to the Fire Prevention and Fire Fighting Act, a building exceeding six stories must have fire exits, and two staircases should be maintained for safety," the Ashraful, who is also the RAJUK chairman, said.

The fire in the commercial building broke out around 9:50pm Thursday. 13 units of the Fire Service and Civil Defence brought the fire under control at around 11:50pm.