13 July 2024

Country achieved Digital Bangladesh goal partially: Ahsan H Mansur

Mazharul Islam Mitchel

Published: 21:40, 11 June 2024

Country achieved Digital Bangladesh goal partially: Ahsan H Mansur


Policy Research Institute Executive Director (ED) Ahsan H Mansur said that the Bangladesh has achieved digital Bangladesh goal partially.

He said still now half work is doing through online and another work is doing through offline which is conflicted the definition of Digital Bangladesh.

He told this in a roundtable discussion, organised by Bangladesh Association of Software and Information Services (BASIS), at their auditorium on Tuesday.

BASIS president Russel T Ahmed presided over the function.

He told in his keynote presentation that Bangladesh has huge potentiality but the goal did not achieved due to the skilled manpower and education policy.

The ED Ahsan H Mansur said that the initiation of digital financial services (DFS) in Bangladesh has been quite satisfactory, yet its untapped potential remains substantial, presenting significant opportunities for further development.

Mansur said Bangladesh's prospects are immense, as we have yet to surpass the midpoint in realizing the potential gains achievable through financial inclusion. We can boost female participation and contribute to overall economic activities by fostering financial inclusion.

Noted economist Ahsan H Mansur has called for affordable smartphones and easy internet access to facilitate the expansion of mobile financial services (MFS) and foster financial inclusion throughout the country.

According to Ahsan H Mansur, the executive director of the Policy Research Institute (PRI), the private sector alone, without government support, would not be able to manufacture cost-effective smartphones or provide affordable internet services.

He expressed concerns about the uncertain investment landscape for 5G technologies, as industry players remain hesitant. According to the PRI executive director, delayed implementation of 5G infrastructure would not only impede the progress of MFS but also hinder the development of other high-end services.

To ensure the timely implementation of 5G technology, Ahsan H Mansur called for collaboration between the government and industry players in reaching a consensus on this matter.

He noted that the regulator should ensure fair and competitive markets without compromising efficiency. "The regulator must address the issue of monopoly, but not by helping any certain market player get certain market share."