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Self Healing Hub offers opportunity to learn yoga online


Published: 13:17, 2 October 2023

Update: 13:18, 2 October 2023

Self Healing Hub offers opportunity to learn yoga online

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Self Healing Hub wants to convey the true art of self-healing knowledge and education in all aspects of the yoga sector across the world to people from all corners of the country through an online platform. For this purpose, the organization has been providing online and offline physical training to people in the country and abroad on yoga and wellness through various social media including the website for a long time.

‘Dhaka Yoga and Wellness Fest-2023’ was held on Saturday at the auditorium of the Liberation War Museum in Agargaon in the capital to highlight the activities of yoga and wellness trainers across the country in front of the yoga lovers of the country.

The event was presided over by Ahsan Rashid, founder of the international voluntary organization Self Healing Hub, and meditation and yoga theorist Arup Rahi, Deepta TV CEO Fuad Chowdhury, Ekushey Television CEO Pijush Banerjee, Bangladesh Yoga Association founder and general secretary Mohammad Harun, Alfa Yoga head Nizam and others spoke as guests.

Professional yoga and wellness instructors, mentors and related personalities of the yoga sector from all over the country were also present.

Speakers at the event said that yoga or practice is an ancient way of staying healthy by connecting the body and mind. In fact, yoga is not just exercise, but the real meaning of the word yoga is consciousness. Many people in Bangladesh do not know what Yoga is. If the common people across the country can be institutionally made aware of yoga and wellness through curriculum-based education, encouraging them to be naturally healthy, to live a natural life, then there are endless opportunities to work on yoga and wellness. Certificates were awarded to 19 yoga educational institutes participating from all over the country. Then successively the institutions presented their activities. Ahsan Rasheed, founder of Self Healing Hub, said, “Those who love yoga wholeheartedly, can find out about the activities of our yoga and wellness instructors.

Self Healing Hub is an international non-profit organization. It is a Bangladesh and Finland-based free and paid e-learning platform on various natural alternative medicine topics including yoga, meditation, and acupressure. It is a physical and online yoga or yoga learning platform, that has been conducting training courses, seminars, and workshops on online yoga, meditation, acupressure etc. across the country.