13 July 2024

Networking Strategy: How to Build Strong Professional Network

 Mamun Atiq

Published: 12:45, 26 May 2024

Update: 12:48, 26 May 2024

Networking Strategy: How to Build Strong Professional Network

Professional network is a very important resource that is very useful for professional growth and success. It paves the way for successful professional development. Along with developing one's own capabilities, it also helps in improving the capabilities of others.  Strategies and policies designed to build and maintain a strong network yield far better results.

Ways to network

The first step to building a professional network is following the right strategy. It is a chronic process that develops over time through regular practice. You should follow certain steps to strengthen it.

1. Attend industry events

Get a basic idea of ​​the topics you are interested in before attending any professional event.  Attend the event and get to know the other participants well first. Briefly discuss topics of your interest with experts during the event.  Try to learn something new from others through these discussions.

2. Use of social media platforms

Social media platforms are now a very important means of business networking. LinkedIn is one of the platforms where business connections can be made. Create a detailed profile and use it appropriately to build important connections for your career. Post regularly about your work, achievements, interests and networks to build a positive self-image.

3. Good relationship with mentors and colleagues

Building a professional network requires building good relationships with mentors and colleagues.  Taking regular advice from a mentor can be very beneficial for you.  Mutual cooperation and ability with colleagues will make your personality attractive.

Ways to service the network

After building the network it is very necessary to maintain it. This is a regular process that will keep your network active.

1.  Maintain regular contact

It is important to maintain regular contact with members of your network.  Share your new achievements or initiatives with network members.

2.  Regular interaction with network members

Regular exchanges increase cooperation among members of your network. This exchange helps in generating positive ideas about you as well as generating new ideas.

3. Keep promises

Keeping promises is an essential virtue that ensures that members of your network do not disengage from you. It helps in enhancing your professional progress.

Building professional networks and maintaining them properly is a far-reaching and effective way to develop professionalism. With proper planning and follow-up, you can build a strong professional network.