23 May 2024

The Biggest Show of Bangladesh is here!

Mazharul Islam Mitchel

Published: 03:25, 28 April 2024

The Biggest Show of Bangladesh is here!

Excitement fills the air as Bangladesh's content landscape braces for a revolutionary wave with the debut of "Shark Tank Bangladesh." Premiered on April 26th, the highly anticipated reality show succeeded in entertaining, imparting knowledge, ignite innovation and investment opportunities across the nation. Viewers can catch the action-packed episodes on Bongo and Deepto TV, every Friday at 10 PM. In case you missed it, you can stream on Bongo anytime anywhere. 

"Shark Tank" offers aspiring entrepreneurs a chance to pitch their groundbreaking business ideas to a panel of seasoned investors, known as "Sharks." With the potential for on-the-spot investments, the stakes are high as contestants vie for the support and expertise of the esteemed Sharks.

Since its inception in Japan as "Money Tigers" in 2001, the format has achieved global acclaim, spawning adaptations across continents, from "Dragon's Den" to "Lion's Den." With nearly $1 billion invested by the Sharks themselves, the show has propelled countless businesses to unprecedented success, fostering growth and innovation on a massive scale.

Over 1 CRORE TAKA was invested in the premiere episode of "Shark Tank Bangladesh” where four promising entrepreneurs stepped into the spotlight, each showcasing their visionary ideas in front of the Sharks. The Sharks present were Sami Ahmed, Nazim Farhan Chowdhury, Navin Ahmed, Ahmed Ali (Leon), and Golam Murshed.

Booktionary: Founder Mehedi Hasan Nayon introduced a revolutionary platform that merges the love for books with cutting-edge technology. With "Booktionary," users can buy, sell, and exchange university books seamlessly, ushering in a new era of a book recycling program for students at Universities. Sharks Nazim Farhan Choudhury and Sami Ahmed were quick to recognize its potential, investing 30 lakh BDT for a 15% equity stake.

Cookoly: Female Entrepreneur Shayla Sharmin captivated the Sharks with her innovative approach to cooking. With her brand "Cookoly," she offers organic, preservative-free ready-to-cook mixes, including a sugar-free masala chai mix that all tea drinkers will look to try as she ensures sweetness through her special mix of ingredients. Impressed by the concept, Sharks Golam Murshed, Nazim Farhan Choudhury, and Ahmed Ali secured a 40% equity stake with a 30 lakh BDT investment.

EcoCutler: Md. Azizul Haque presented "EcoCutler," a venture dedicated to eco-friendly wood and bamboo cutlery and straws. While the Sharks resonated with the mission, no deal was reached in this round. They are determined to be back in another season with better market traction. 

Beauty Solutions: Female Entrepreneur Naznin Akhtar Dalia from Narayanganj showcased her skincare brand "Beauty Solutions," emphasizing the use of organic ingredients. Her impressive revenue and profitability numbers not only won over Sharks Ghulam Murshed, Sami Ahmed, and Ahmed Ali, who collectively invested 50 lakh taka for an 8% equity stake, but it was the toughest negotiation on this episode. 

With each episode promising innovations and investment opportunities, "Shark Tank Bangladesh" is set to create new ways for entrepreneurs to access capital. Don't miss the action-packed episodes airing every Friday at 10 PM on Bongo and Deepto TV, with full episodes available on the Bongo OTT platform.

Shark Tank Bangladesh has Robi as the "Title Sponsor", Startup Bangladesh as "Powered by Sponsor", Tally Solutions as "Co-Sponsor", Prime Bank as "Banking Partner", Olympic Foodie Instant Noodles as "Snacks Partner", Sunquick as "Beverage Partner", Yellow by Beximco as “Wardrobe Partner”, Kloth Studio as “Style Partner”, Miniso as “Gift Partner”, Holiday Inn as “Hospitality Partner”, Euro Vigil Security Service as “Security Partner”, Raw Exposure as “Photography Partner”, Live2web as “Backstory Partner”, Chows as “Restaurant Partner” and Concito as “PR Partner”. The production of the program was done by Red Dot Communications.