15 April 2024

Shombhob unveils feminine hygiene products

Mazharul Islam Mitchel

Published: 23:15, 8 January 2024

Shombhob unveils feminine hygiene products


Shombhob Health Ltd. also known as (shombhob.com), is a leading online pharma retailer, announced its exclusive distributorship of Sirona products, an innovative and eco-friendly feminine hygiene and personal care brand. With this Shombhob Health Ltd., is marking a significant milestone in their commitment to providing women with sustainable and high-quality feminine hygiene products.

Shombhob Health Ltd. is excited to align with Sirona's values, providing customers with an opportunity to make environmentally conscious choices without compromising on product performance.

Azra Salim, CEO, Shombhob Health Ltd. said during the program of partnering with Sirona, “We are very excited to represent a brand like Sirona in Bangladesh! Sirona stands for the same values that Shombhob stand for. Sirona strives to make personal care and hygiene easier and healthier for women, loves their customers and seeks to provide environment-friendly superior quality products to its customers. This resonated with us at Shombhob and we are now proud to introduce Sirona products to Bangladesh. We hope for a long and successful relationship with Sirona!”

As Sirona works on feminine hygiene, they are working on the consumer education as well to educate women and create awareness on women health and hygiene which is definitely going to be a behavioral changing revolution for the women of Bangladesh.

Shombhob Health Ltd. provides healthcare products, medicines, toiletries, baby care products, and pet care products delivered right to the customers’ doorstep with proper technology utilization to improve human condition.


On the other hand, Sirona has a diverse range of products, most of which were not available in Bangladesh market before, such as maternity sanitary pads, feminine pain relief patch, Peebuddy female urination device, organic tampons, toilet seat covers and more. Now women of our country will also be able to benefited of these items because of Sirona.