15 April 2024

Gameplify awarded 200 sport lovers

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Published: 12:42, 24 December 2023

Update: 12:15, 25 December 2023

Gameplify awarded 200 sport lovers

Photo: During the distribution of awards to sports lovers in the third edition of ’Gameplify’...

Sports based social networking website 'Gameplify XYZ' has organized a conference for sport lovers for the third time. In the conference, the organization authorities presented attractive prizes to 200 winner from among the participants in the 'Gameplify' competition.

The awards were distributed in the conference held at Grand Prince Thai and Chinese Restaurant in Mirpur of the capital on December 22 (Friday) evening. In this event for the third time, 2 iPhone 15 Pro, 6 Samsung phones, 7 Samsung Galaxy tablets and 3 televisions, etc. were distributed. Earlier, in June and September of this year, the organization organized the first and second editions of award distribution among sport lovers winners at Dhaka Reporters Unity.

Mahfuzur Rahman, Managing Director of XYZ Cloud Bangladesh Limited, gave the keynote speech at the conference. He said that sports-based social networking 'Gameplify XYZ' is being launched in the United States from January 2024. Competitions will also be organized under this network in the country. In his speech, addressing the users of this network, he said, 'You are the ones who are taking ahead Gameplify XYZ forward. You are the lifeblood of the organization. He wished for the cooperation of the users.'

The managing director of the organization Mahfuzur Rahman said that the competition will be organized on this network in a new format very soon. Competition will be organized every week and prizes will be distributed among the winners.

The winner Jasmine participated in two contests and got iPhone 15pro and Samsung F3...Excitement was noticed on the faces of the winners who came from different districts of the country to collect the prizes.

Incidentally, from October to December 2023, 'Gameplify' World Cup will organize five competitions with international popular matches such as cricket, international football, basketball etc. The winners of these competitions are awarded in the third round.

After the award ceremony, a dinner was organized for the winners and family members, officials and family members of XYZ Cloud Bangladesh Limited and guests who came to the conference.

Note that Gameplify XYZ is a completely free sports based social network. Where users can keep track of national and international football, cricket, basketball, tennis and other sports schedules, results and related issues. Also, contestants can comment on various games and share feelings with friends in group discussions on relevant topics.

Based on these activities, attractive prizes are given to those who collect the highest points.